What is photography to you?

For me, photography is capturing a moment in time that will never occur again. It may be replicated or imitated but never has that moment happened before and never will that moment happen again throughout the whole of humanity’s existence.

At that moment in time in which you depress the shutter button and expose the sensor to light you are creating a piece of history.

Photography started out as a means for recording moments in time but nowadays it’s an art form; a business and a hobby. Taking a macro photo of a flower or photographing a model in a studio isn’t exactly what you’d think of when I say “capturing a moment in time”.
I don’t believe there are many photographers now-a-days that can say they do it for the historical moments they create. Wedding photographers, photojournalists and sports photographers (to an extent) are the first three professional fields I think of when I think “capturing a moment for the history books”. These fields have adapted to modern trends but the underlying drive in their work is still all about capturing the moment.

I must say, I speak witha relatively hypocritical point of view. I’m guilty of photographing many things for the sheer joy of taking a picture instead of thinking about capturing a moment. Most of the work I do (by chance, I think) is primarily focused around capturing the decisive moment. Gig photography, photojournalism, sports photography etc.
I was looking over photos I had taken in the past when this question sprung into my head. I was looking at the photos of a play I shot, one in particular caught my eye.

I remember taking this before the play had begun. The pianist was messing around, making funny faces and noises that had the guitarist in stitches behind him. This photo was never meant to happen, it’s nothing special. But it is a moment in time that will never happen again. A moment which invokes many feelings of comradery, friendship and pure banter.

So I pose this question to you: What is photography to you?


Published by

Stuart Comerford

Award-winning photographer. Writer/Director of the feature film "The Kids Aren't Alright".

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