Attempted architectural photography…

Recently I dabbled in the field of landscape photography when I went on a trip to Dalkey, but the other day I received a phone call requesting my services for a super secret project (that you’ll hear about again in 2 months!) which involved taking me out of my comfort zone and making me think about straight lines, interesting details, textures and skies as opposed to emotion – which is pretty much the only think I think about when capturing a photo of a person.

Anyway, it went reasonably well and I got some decent shots. Here’s a few of my favourites from the afternoon:

As you can see, the weather conditions weren’t exactly idea… my assistant and I kept moving towards the main building as it kept trying to rain. The fact there were loads of foreign students in the grounds didn’t make it easy getting the photos either. Make sure to click on the images for a larger version, especially that panorama!


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Stuart Comerford

Award-winning photographer. Writer/Director of the feature film "The Kids Aren't Alright".

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