I love Photoshop!

I spent the past few weeks working with Lensmen Photographic Agency (one of my night photos is actually featured on their front page!). While I was there I learned a lot about file management, shooting, editing, restoration, retouching, scanning, business – you name it!

One of the guys who works there was pushing me to work more in photoshop and try to build my portfolio to include a good bit of photo manipulation. He taught me a lot about photoshop and he broke down many images, showing me just how simple they are. I honestly feel like I can tackle any challenge now!

So here’s my attempt… I just edited a photo I took of the Customs House a few weeks ago. I spent about 3 hours on it and I quite like the end result… I’ll probably go back and put in more detail such as more fire, more panicked people, shattered windows, cracks in the walls etc. But here’s my first attempt, I’d love to hear what you think about it!



Published by

Stuart Comerford

Award-winning photographer. Writer/Director of the feature film "The Kids Aren't Alright".

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