Shooting basketball for the first time

Last week was my first ever time shooting a basketball match. It was an interesting experience, I’ve gotten much more into sports photography recently as I have access to loads of different sports that I can photography through my school. Last Thursday I went along to the basketball match, not expecting much but I was quite surprised by how good a match it was. I enjoyed photographing it but I found it reasonably difficult. It’s a lot different to rugby and football in terms of what key actions to look out for but the biggest thing I noticed is that it’s an extremely fast sport! I knew basketball was fast, but this was ridiculous. For over half of the match I struggled to keep track of the action, I don’t even know how the AF of the 60D was able to track the players I’m just thankful it was able to do it. The lack of light in the hall was difficult, I was shooting at 1600 ISO on the 500D and 60D but half way through the game it started to rain outside and even more of the light went away and the colours changed a lot. Fixing my white balance in post was very difficult.

Anyway, I’m reasonably happy with some of the photos I got. I look forward to shooting basketball again, hopefully soon. But next I’m looking to photograph hockey, I’m dying to give that a shot!

Here are some of my shots from last week’s game:



If you want to see all the photos from the game, you can find them on my facebook page:
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