Album Cover Photoshoot

Today I had the opportunity to do a photoshoot for the album cover of my friends’ band, “Checkpoint”. You may have seen me blog about them in the past, I’ve done a lot of work with them, we’ve been close friends for almost 6 years now and they got me into photographing live concerts so I love to give back as much as possible. Their new album is coming out soon, check out their facebook page for further details:
You can check out one of their new songs here:

Anyway, I am still very new to portraiture. I don’t have a clue how to pose people or how to compose shots, I always feel very uncomfortable when working one on one with people. I’m a huge fan of candid shots, about 90% of my work is of a documentation style, so this was another learning experience for me.

We all got delayed and gradually met up much later than agreed upon so we didn’t start shooting until 4:30pm, to add to that it was a horrible snowy day and we were down an alley… so I was stuck up around 1600 ISO the whole time, using my Canon 1D Mark IIN.  As per usual with photoshoots, I did a bit of forward planning and started to come up with ideas, unfortunately, I couldn’t come up with much. But I had one idea which I sketched out a little, here’s the page of my idea book:


Well, my idea didn’t work out like I planned. The shooting itself didn’t go how I would have liked, and the photoshop afterwards went horrible. I’ll probably end up going back to it and attempting to photoshop it again but for now I’ll give up with this crappy attempt. My idea was to blank out the eyes and seal the slight opening in the mouth, to make them dummy like.


That shot took a few minutes to set up and get the desired result, I’m really kicking myself about not getting the photoshop part right. With more time and effort my vision could come true, my cloning/tone blending abilities aren’t the best if I’m honest. After that we got on with the rest of the shoot. They had a few ideas which we shot next, mainly focused on their shoes which I found a little boring so worked around with a few angles to get as interesting a result as possible.

STU_7012 STU_7016

After that I wanted to do some individual portraits so set up in front of that door they’re standing in front of above. The reason I’m going with a square crop for these is because the album booklet will be in square format, so for ease of use I’m keeping them all square.

STU_7043 STU_7046

And of course, I had to capture a candid or two in between shots.


The candids aren’t square as there is little chance of them getting used. The above one was more powerful without cropping.
Throughout the whole day I found it very difficult shooting for a square crop. In the editing process I frequently found myself cutting off little bits of the image here and there because I didn’t shoot wide enough or underestimated the parameters of the square crop. We were wrapping things up when it started pouring snow again (it’s late March and it’s been snowing sporadically every day here in Dublin, Ireland). We spent the whole shoot in a little alley, so every location is less than 15 seconds from each other, it was a really cool spot to use, had a lot of interesting textures and a fair bit of character. If you’re ever in Dublin and want to use the location, it’s the back alley to the Olympia Theatre in Dublin City Centre, not too far from the IFI. We were about to head off because of the snow but decided that we can’t turn up the opportunity to have some shots walking down the lane with the snow in the background. We braved the elements and may have gotten a cover photo out of it!




All-in-all it was a pretty enjoyable shoot. The photos came out better than I had expected, but I still long for a particular style/feel to my photographs that I haven’t yet achieved. Maybe with time things will improve as I learn to work with people in a more efficient manner. If it weren’t for the weather I would have brought out my lighting kit and tried out a few things, but I didn’t feel up to it because of the snow. Really wanted to bring my brand new Peli 1510 case (I’ll be reviewing this soon!) but didn’t want to get the bus with it so brought everything in my Think Tank Retrospective 30. Unfortunately, in the end the only two pieces of gear I used were the Canon 1D Mark IIN and the Sigma 24-60mm F/2.8.

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12 thoughts on “Album Cover Photoshoot”

  1. I’m no photography pro by any means, but you really captured some great emotion in these photos. The candids are my favorite. Phenomenal, and great composition in all of the pictures!

  2. Beautiful job! I LOVE shooting bands! It’s probably my favorite shoot to do. Did you use only natural light and flash? Or did you use a light set up? Always wanting to learn more from others! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Ah, I forgot to include that bit in the post! I brought two flashes and some triggers with me but actually ended up using only natural light. All of those were shot at a reasonably high ISO (1600 ISO) and a wide aperture with a just about, fast enough shutter speed. I quite liked the light in the alley and wanted to just stick with it instead of fiddling around with flashes. I shot RAW and edited the photos in Adobe Lightroom 4. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Good Evening Stuart,

    I just wanted to take the time to thank you for choosing to follow my blog and for your like, it means alot to me.

    I have been browsing your blog and I admire your talent, I really do! I only wish I could create some beautiful photography like you do.

    Oh, you are from a beautiful part of the world, I am from Australia..I would love to ask, what is it like there?

    Take care,

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad I found your blog and I’m glad you like mine! Well, Ireland isn’t as beautiful as it’s made out to be, only some parts of it are like that. But currently all of Dublin is covered in a few inches of snow! So it’s pretty chaotic at the moment, I’d love to be in Australia right now! Must be lovely there.

  4. You are more than welcome Stuart. I am glad I have met another unique blogger, this blogging world is really exciting at times. I imagine Ireland to be simply so beautiful, I also love the accents there, me, I have no accent but I sound very young, and where I live is not that cultured or beautiful, but I am grateful to have a home, though, I think I want to see the world and live in different places so I can grow and learn more. Right now it is Autumn in Australia, so leaves are along and the weather has finally cooled down! It is Fridays evening here and I am settled in for the night watching old Julia Childs cooking shows!

    Thank you for your reply :)

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