The Untold Story :: Short Film

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Directing is a bigger step away from photography than I ever expected. My heart has been in cinema probably about as long as it’s been in photography, but it’s a very different change of direction in many respects. (Although, my taste in films is probably just as questionable to most as my taste in photography is). I’m glad to get away from photography for a bit and I’m extremely happy to have taken on this project. I’ve been writing several variations of this story for the past 2 years straight in my English class, and after turning it into a photographic story to use for my college portfolios it seemed almost silly not to take it one step further and turn it into a short film.

This was only possible thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to the making of.  And a special thanks to The Rehns for providing some brilliant music for the soundtrack (I suggest you check them out here – ). This was a pretty strenuous undertaking as it was a first for everybody involved. The film is set to take part in the Kerry Film Festival, Cork Film Festival, IndieCork Festival, and Dun Laoghaire Underground Cinema Film Festival in the coming months and hopefully more in the future.

For now, I present to you, my debut as a writer/director – “The Untold Story”.

‘The Untold Story’, is a documentation of the frequently avoided subject of teenage depression, following the story of one teenage girl as she deals with bullying, social exclusion, isolation, and domestic violence while nearing the end of her time in secondary school. It touches upon the serious topic of teenage life, more specifically – the part of teenage life that people prefer not to discuss openly. The film depicts modern teenage life in school as vile and abusive as it really is. It aims to reveal how two-faced and self-absorbed teenagers can be, while highlighting the pressure to conform to an idealistic image of what your peers deem acceptable, with those who are ‘different’ being looked down on and bullied – both psychologically and physically.

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I love slideshows

They’re a joy to make, I’ve always thought that. I make slideshows for a lot of the big things I shoot, it’s a shame most of them are actually just pointless.

I was recently extremely busy photographing Mount Temple Comprehensive School’s journey in the Leinster Schools McMullen Cup. Since I had loads of photos from their three matches I decided to make a slideshow story documenting their time in the cup. I plan to make another if they do good in the next Leinster Schools Senior Cup after Christmas. You can watch the slideshow here:


Published Work!

This is just a quick blog post. One of the projects I was working on over the summer was taking photos for the cover of a new school journal/diary for Mount Temple Comprehensive School here in Dublin, Ireland.

Anyway, the journal is finished and has been given out to all the students now. Check out how it looks :)


Attempted architectural photography…

Recently I dabbled in the field of landscape photography when I went on a trip to Dalkey, but the other day I received a phone call requesting my services for a super secret project (that you’ll hear about again in 2 months!) which involved taking me out of my comfort zone and making me think about straight lines, interesting details, textures and skies as opposed to emotion – which is pretty much the only think I think about when capturing a photo of a person.

Anyway, it went reasonably well and I got some decent shots. Here’s a few of my favourites from the afternoon:

As you can see, the weather conditions weren’t exactly idea… my assistant and I kept moving towards the main building as it kept trying to rain. The fact there were loads of foreign students in the grounds didn’t make it easy getting the photos either. Make sure to click on the images for a larger version, especially that panorama!