Networking :: Short Film

Firstly, apologies for not updating this blog for months! It’s kept passing my mind as I’ve started college and had a lot going on, I plan to get back to it now with photography and filmmaking posts!

I’ll start with a post about my latest short film. Since making “The Untold Story” I’ve been bitten by the filmmaking bug, and I just needed to give it another go and rectify all the mistakes that I made in “The Untold Story”. So here’s my second attempt: “Networking”.

It’s a mild thriller, about three girls who return home after a night out and end up playing host to some very unwelcome guests.
The entire short was shot in 2 consecutive days, 21 hours of work. And it was all edited together in the space of 2 weeks – so everything was quite rushed! It’s far from perfect, and nowhere near as good as “The Untold Story” in my eyes, but it was fun to make and everyone had fun – which is the most important part, your head has to be in the right place when you’re a creative person, there’s no point making something when there’s no joy in what you’re doing. If you’re not loving what you’re doing, then you’re not doing the right thing – so have fun in all your artistic endeavours!

The finished short film is available here:

And the behind-the-scenes/bloopers video of all the fun we had on set over those 2 days, plus cast interviews (and an interview with myself) is available here if you’re interested:

Filmmaking isn’t something I’ve ever really covered in my blog, but as I have plans to either make a feature film next summer or a 40 minute short film, I think I might start covering the creative process of it a lot more if people are interested in it. If there’s interest in anything I did in “Networking” or even “The Untold Story” then please feel free to ask and I shall make a post explaining what I did in detail!

I love slideshows

They’re a joy to make, I’ve always thought that. I make slideshows for a lot of the big things I shoot, it’s a shame most of them are actually just pointless.

I was recently extremely busy photographing Mount Temple Comprehensive School’s journey in the Leinster Schools McMullen Cup. Since I had loads of photos from their three matches I decided to make a slideshow story documenting their time in the cup. I plan to make another if they do good in the next Leinster Schools Senior Cup after Christmas. You can watch the slideshow here:


Audio Fever :: Band Photoshoot

Last Wednesday I did a photoshoot for this amazing group, Audio Fever. They were such cool guys, an absolute pleasure to work with.

The shoot went reasonably well. I thought I was having sharpness issues with my lens but it turns out that I’ve just been away from shooting in low light for so long that I’ve forgotten what shutter speeds freeze motion. 1/160 definitely wasn’t cutting it for the shoot, but, there are definitely usable images and the band seem happy enough with them.

Here are my two favourites:




And here’s another sped up edit video I did for this photoshoot:

Band Photoshoot – Checkpoint

On Thursday I had the pleasure of shooting this great upcoming band in Dublin: “Checkpoint” –

My phone had been telling me all week that Thursday was to be the worst day of the week in regards to the weather, it was meant to rain heavily all day. It’s no surprise to me that it wasn’t raining but it was still a pretty dull day, there wasn’t much going on in the sky and everything was just pretty crappy if I’m honest.

Now, the photoshoot, went reasonably well. I’m happy with some of the photos but wish I would’ve shot some others in a different way or not used a flash. I’m still getting to grips with using a flash for fill light and I just don’t like the look of it, is it just me? Everything looks flat. I think I’ll stick with natural light and reflectors unless I have something to bounce the flash off. (Waiting on my order of a light stand + umbrella too!).

Checkpoint are a great bunch, they’re load of fun to be around and I love every second with them. You can probably tell from the photos that it wasn’t the most routine photoshoot ever, I really just followed them and they naturally started playing to the camera. Only a few shots were posed such as the ones on the steps and the ones sliding down the rails. Most of the poses were their ideas ideas too, I gave little direction which I find alright when shooting a group of people who like the camera and who like to have fun.

I’ve had this idea for a while, to record my edit workflow and speed it up to some music. I decided to do it for this shoot and I might do it for most shoots I do from now on, maybe a video of some of my gig edits too! The video is my hour of editing condensed into just over 5 minutes, I didn’t capture a few minor photoshop edit I did (mainly all the clone tool to remove things that were bugging me) as I did that today instead of yesterday.
You may notice that not all the photos in the video are in this post, I just picked my favourites for this post. All the images can be found on my Facebook page:

My kit for the shoot was the Canon 60D, Tamron 17-50mm F/2.8, Canon 85mm F/1.8 and Canon 430EX II.

Anyway, here’s the video and the snaps!