Morning Landscapes

I don’t know why, but I did. I got up at 6am and went out at 7am to take pictures in the freezing cold whilst it was raining and only 2 days after Christmas. I had an urge to take pictures after watching the phenomenal HBO series about photographers called “Witness” (look it up if you haven’t seen it already. Juarez and Rio are my favourites out of the two).

I finally got to properly try out my new Sigma 10-20mm F/4-5.6 lens. These were shot on my 60D but the lens also works on my newly acquired Canon 1D Mark IIN (I’ll be doing a review on this camera soon enough when I get to use it more at an upcoming concert and some rugby matches).

Anyway, enjoy the photos!





Published by

Stuart Comerford

Award-winning photographer. Writer/Director of the feature film "The Kids Aren't Alright".

2 thoughts on “Morning Landscapes”

  1. Hi Stuart, the bottom shot is particularly lovely with the conversion point inviting the viewer to step into the image to try and reach the horizon. Thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. If you’re a facebook user we hope that you’ll “like” the RAXA Collective page. We post complementary items to our blog. See you there!

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